Programme 21/22

Membership subscriptions payment can either be cash, cheque, or direct bank transfer, and the Society bank details will be provided. Zoom (Z) presentations are not continuing after May 2022.

Z  January 6th Beginning of Everything Bob (SAS)
January 20th Geocentric to Heliocentric Universe Rick (SAS)
Z February 3rd Is Anyone There? Roger Dymock (BAA)
February 17th Interstellar Travel Edmund (SAS)
March 3rd Herschel to Hubble, the story of Nebulae Rick (SAS)
March 17th  Life Cycle of stars Bob Mount (SAS)
Z April 7th Something went bang in the night Rick (SAS)
April 21st Annual Quiz night Bob & Eddie (SAS)
Z May 5th Is anyone out there? Roger Dymock (BAA)
May 19th AGM Chairman
June 16th How BIG is the Universe? Bob (SAS)
July 21st @ Observatory Our Sun Rick (SAS)

August 18th Observatory

Finding Neptune Bob (SAS)


Sir Isaac Newton Bob (SAS)
October  20th Astronomy Art Prof Andrew Newsam (LJMU)
November 17th Jeremiah Horrox & William Lassell Rick (SAS)
December (Date to be confirmed) Solstice Meal Eddie SAS




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