Programme 21/22

From September 2021 Zoom meetings will be held on the first Thursday in the month (marked with a Z), and Live meetings at the Scarisbrick bowls club in Falkland Road on the third Thursday in the month. The latter may revert to Zoom meeting in the event of adverse changes in the Covid outlook/changes in government policy.

It’s recommended that attendees should consider wearing a face mask at live meetings unless medically exempt, and hand sanitiser will be available when signing in. Subscriptions are restarting this year, so please speak to our Membership secretary Pam, who will take payment and issue your membership card. Payment can either be cash, cheque, or direct bank transfer, and Society bank details will be available. 

Z 2nd September Mars and Life Edmund (SAS)
16th September The Caldwell catalogue Bob Mount (SAS)
Z 7th October  Beyond the Moon & Mars Rodger Dymock (BAA)
21st  October The ABC of Galaxy Evolution Dr Steve Barrett (Liverpool University)
Z 4th November Mandolins & Meteors  Rick Barton (BAA)
18th November  Telescope night Bob (SAS)
14th December Solstice Christmas Meal Eddie Vanner
Z 6th January Beginning of Everything Bob (SAS)
January 20th Geocentric to Heliocentric Universe Rick (SAS)
Z February 3rd Is Anyone There? Roger Dymock (BAA)
February 17th Interstellar Travel Edmund (SAS)
Z April 7th Herschel to Hubble, the story of Nebulae Rick (SAS)
April 21st Annual Quiz night Bob & Eddie (SAS)
Z May 5th TBC   
May 19th AGM Chairman & Hon Secretary
Z June  2nd TBC  
June 16th Solar system minor objects Rick (SAS)
Z July 7th TBC  
July 21st Observatory meeting  
Z August 4th  TBC  

5 thoughts on “Programme 21/22

  1. As the Covid regulations are relaxed next week are there any plans for the resumption of routine face to face meetings?


    1. Hi David, Thanks for contacting me, can you confirm your correct email address since the one I have is always rejected, and I don’t have a phone number to contact you. We do intend to restart live meetings, hopefully back at the Scarisbrick Bowling club in Falkland Road, from September onwards. Our current zoom contract runs until the end of January 2022, and I’ve been hosting two Zoom meetings/month but this has dropped to 1/month for July and August. Hopefully, provided circumstances permit, we will likely hold one Zoom and one live meeting/month, at least until the end of January next year. Rick


    1. Hi Jessica.
      Thanks for contacting me. I open the Zoom meeting around 7.15pm with a view to the presentation starting around 7.30 pm. In person meetings also start at 7.30 pm on the 3rd Thursday at the Bowling club. Do you live in or near Southport?
      Regards, Rick


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