Programme 22/23

Membership subscriptions payment can either be cash, cheque, or direct bank transfer, and the Society bank details will be provided. Due to unexpected circumstances, presentation subject and speaker may change.

Date Presentation subject Speaker        
September 15th Sir Isaac Newton Bob (SAS)        
October  20th Astronomy Art Prof Andrew Newsam (LJMU)        
November 17th Mars Bob (SAS)        
December  16th Solstice Meal Eddie/Bob        
January  19th  Liverpool Astronomers Jeremiah Horrocks & William Lassell Rick (SAS)        
February  16th      Einstein’s Big Idea E=mc2 Bob (SAS)        
March 16th  Leaving the Main Sequence: “Stars that rage, rage, against the dying of the light” Rick (SAS)        
April 20th Women Astronomers & Astrophysicists Bob (SAS)        
May 18th AGM Committee        
June 15th  Titan: The atmospheric moon Rick (SAS)        
July 20th  Hesketh Park Observatory Ray (SAS)        
August 17th The Story of Cassiopeia A Bob (SAS)        




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