Programme 20/21

 From July onwards until further notice, all presentations will be on Zoom.

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Date Subject Speaker
September 17th Dawn Mission to Vesta & Ceres, and what we learnt. Rick (SAS)
October 1st Enceladus: A potential genesis for life? Rick (SAS)
October 15th The orbit of Mercury Edmund (SAS)
October 29th The Strange Tale of Mercury & Vulcan Edmund (SAS)
November 12th Finding your way around the night sky Rick (SAS)
November 19th The Star of Bethlehem Dr. Steve Barrett (Liverpool University)
December 3rd The search for extra-terrestrial water Rick (SAS)
January 7th What does it take for anyone to be out there Rick (SAS)
January 21st Astronomy in Botswana: Dark Skies and Bright prospects  Prof. Mike Bode (SAS President)
February 4th Mars Today & in the Future Edmund (SAS)
February 18th The  Great Moon Hoax Dr. Steve Barrett (Liverpool University)
March 4th  HR diagram and birth of stars Rick (SAS)
March 18th The Andromeda galaxy Bob Mount (SAS)
April 1st  Joseph Baxendell: Southport’s Astronomer Rick (SAS)
April 15th Dark Matter. Why is it dark? Why does it matter?  Dr Steve Barrett (Liverpool University)
April 29th Main sequence life of stars. Rick (SAS)
May 13th Moon Bob Mount (SAS)
May 27th Leaving the Main sequence: Stars that rage rage against the dying of the light. Rick (SAS)
June 10th Ancient British Astronomy Edmund (SAS)
June24th Women Astronomers Bob Mount (SAS)

For details of public open days at the Victorian observatory in Hesketh Park, see our Joseph Baxendell and his Observatory page.

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